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V1: There is a God who holds the mountains in his hands
There is a Lord who knows my name
There is an Author who’s written me into his plan
He is the One who I call “King”

V2: There is a rock I will stand on through my life
There is a song my lips know well
There is a joy that is swelling up inside
There is a story I must tell

C: You’re moving in, You’re moving in
I know, oh
That You’re coming back again, coming back again
I know, oh
It don’t matter what hell brings
When called upon I’ll stand and sing
Of the one who paid for my eternity
And the Author of my life

V3: There was a sin and it caused a great divide
There was a Son who climbed a hill
There was a cross that He carried, it was mine
There was a debt that was fulfilled


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You’re the author of my life
You’re the author of my life