1. Line of Fire
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He got up early for work like any other typical day/ before he makes his coffee he bows his head and he prays/ it ain’t a glamorous job but it pays the bills on every Friday afternoon/ he says sometimes in life you just gotta do what you gotta do/ cause// He ain’t looking to be someone you’d put on TV/ he ain’t trying to be a star he just wants to do his part/ that boy will stand for his own or when the colors are flown/ he’s convicted from the very beat of his heart/ he’s ain’t trying to be a hero for folks to admire/ he’s an American man/ doing his duty in the line of fire/ before he signed his name he never even knew where Iraq was/
all he had was a killer in his hand and a freshly cut buzz/ he knew that he was needed on the other side of this crazy world/ but he hated to leave behind his mama and his daddy and his favorite girl//