1. Outta My Mind
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You were the prettiest girl with long brown hair and the bluest eyes/ and other than playing guitar well me you see I’m a regular guy/ if I’d been asked back then I never would have thought/ that a couple months later I’d be holding you close watching TV/ talking bout everything under the sun and what we wanted to be/ when we grow up one day, if we grow up one day// but there’s something I need to know, before we both head down this road/ Am I crazy if I fall in love with you/ and if it is alright to tell the truth/ my heart is jumping quickly yeah/ Am I crazy if I put my heart on the line/ Cause I know if I spend a little more time/
I wont have any choice/ your pretty little voice/ would be so hard to fight/ yeah am I crazy if I can’t get you outta my mind/ I’m not sure what it was that got me in over my head/ Was it your laugh was it your smile was it the way that you said/ You liked my motorcycle/ It’s got me in a ruckus it’s got me in a mess/ it’s like a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert rocking in my chest/ and as they play every song I hear you singing along// yeah Girl I can’t get you out of my mind/ mmm Girl I can’t get you out of my mind