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V1: Why have You handed me sword, but kept me from the battle?
Handed me a sling without a giant to be found?
I’d lay next to a lion, if they threw me in a den
I’d walk through fire, before I’d bow my head

C: Show me what it is you need from me
Aren’t I more than just a heart that beats
And lungs that need to breathe?
I know that You would like to be original with my story
But could You tell me if my purpose has begun?
Til then I’ll sing for my audience of one

V2: When I don’t feel that my faith has moved a mountain
That my song has changed a heart
That my story is worth telling, or that it even had a start
I think back, to how Jesus’ life began
He was here to die for me
Now I’m here to live for Him


B: I’m ready and I’m willing, just point and I will go
There may be questions in my mind, but I will hold tight to the hope
That my steps are microscopic to His plan that will unfold
And this life is just an opener for the Show

Maybe, I’m right where I need to be


For my audience of one
God, you’re my audience of one