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V1: So softly and tenderly Jesus keeps calling
Calling all sinners like me
Once I was lost, but by Him I’m found
Blinded, but through Him I see
Amazing His grace and sweet is the sound
That saved a poor sinner like me
Ye who are weary come home, come home
At Calvary

C: Every lesson I learned, put my heart at rest
Full in His wonderful face
Never a stranger will enter these doors
Unwelcomed by His grace
Each melody, stanza, harmony note, and ancient word ever true
Are standing on the promises that echo between the pews

V2: Oh what a friend I’ve found in Jesus
All of my grief’s He did bear
I’ll tell my story, I’ll sing my song
In that sweet hour of prayer
The birds they all hush at the sound of his voice
As I come to the garden alone
Whatever my hand, You have taught me to say,
“It is well with my soul!”


Yes they’re standing on the promises
That echo between the pews

These promises echo for You