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This is for unlimited live performance use only, purchaser must obtain permission from owner for recording in any capacity.

FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law.


V1: We see the ripple of the waves that we’re walking on
Can’t fix our eyes on the water, fix them on the Son
We may be far from the shore, but we’re not alone

C: You give orders to the morning and you show the dawn its place
You satisfy the lion and you give the horse its strength
You bring forth constellations, scatter lightning across the earth
But my every need is met, and my every prayer is heard
With a mercy we don’t deserve
With a mercy we don’t deserve

V2: I pay no mind to wind cause it can’t prevail
Just buckle down, hold my ground, and release the sail
Cutting through the storm to bring this ship on home


B: Rising above on eagle’s wings
Face to the wind while my praises ring
“My God, will see me through!”
Your ways are just and your hands are strong
Rattling hell with our victory song
“Our God will see us through!”

V3: When my mind is darkened by the clouds above
I’ll close my eyes, hold on tight, cause He’s more than enough


With a mercy we don’t deserve
With a mercy we don’t deserve