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This is for unlimited live performance use only, purchaser must obtain permission from owner for recording in any capacity.

FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law.


V1: In the sunshine on a cold, cold day
In a family dog who wants to play
In a little boy who’s up to bat
I can see Jesus in that

In a little girl learning to ride a bike
When a young man first kisses his wife
And he stays with her for all his life
I can see Jesus in that

C: In the valley or on the mount
Too many gifts for one to count
Breathe it in, don’t let life go by so fast
Subtle blessings from above, branded by the Savior’s love
Found along this narrow path
I can see Jesus in that

V2: At a supper table saying grace
In a little old lady’s smiling face
When a newborn baby meets her dad
I can see Jesus in that

In soldier who is home to stay
In the cancer that’s done gone away
When love is chosen over wrath
I can see Jesus in that


B: For me He is the Master and the Anchor for my soul
He is full of joy and laughter and I know
Yes, I know