Jesus In That

Written by: Z. Shelton


V1: In the sunshine on a cold, cold day

In a family dog who wants to play

In a little boy who’s up to bat

I can see Jesus in that


In a little girl learning to ride a bike

When a young man first kisses his wife

And he stays with her for all his life

I can see Jesus in that


C: In the valley or on the mount

Too many gifts for one to count

Breathe it in, don’t let life go by so fast

Subtle blessings from above, branded by the Savior’s love

Found along this narrow path

I can see Jesus in that


V2: At a supper table saying grace

In a little old lady’s smiling face

When a newborn baby meets her dad

I can see Jesus in that


In soldier who is home to stay

In the cancer that’s done gone away

When love is chosen over wrath

I can see Jesus in that




B: For me He is the Master and the Anchor for my soul

He is full of joy and laughter and I know

Yes, I know



Mercy We Don’t Deserve

Written by: Z. Shelton


V1: We see the ripple of the waves that we’re walking on

Can’t fix our eyes on the water, fix them on the Son

We may be far from the shore, but we’re not alone


C: You give orders to the morning and you show the dawn its place

You satisfy the lion and you give the horse its strength

You bring forth constellations, scatter lightning across the earth

But my every need is met, and my every prayer is heard

With a mercy we don’t deserve

With a mercy we don’t deserve


V2: I pay no mind to wind cause it can’t prevail

Just buckle down, hold my ground, and release the sail

Cutting through the storm to bring this ship on home




B: Rising above on eagle’s wings

Face to the wind while my praises ring

“My God, will see me through!”

Your ways are just and your hands are strong

Rattling hell with our victory song

“Our God will see us through!”


V3: When my mind is darkened by the clouds above

I’ll close my eyes, hold on tight, cause He’s more than enough




With a mercy we don’t deserve

With a mercy we don’t deserve

Between The Pews

Written by: T. Baker/ C. Cunningham/ Z. Shelton


V1: So softly and tenderly Jesus keeps calling

Calling all sinners like me

Once I was lost, but by Him I’m found

Blinded, but through Him I see

Amazing His grace and sweet is the sound

That saved a poor sinner like me

Ye who are weary come home, come home

At Calvary


C: Every lesson I learned, put my heart at rest

Full in His wonderful face

Never a stranger will enter these doors

Unwelcomed by His grace

Each melody, stanza, harmony note, and ancient word ever true

Are standing on the promises that echo between the pews


V2: Oh what a friend I’ve found in Jesus

All of my grief’s He did bear

I’ll tell my story, I’ll sing my song

In that sweet hour of prayer

The birds they all hush at the sound of his voice

As I come to the garden alone

Whatever my hand, You have taught me to say,

“It is well with my soul!”






Yes they’re standing on the promises

That echo between the pews


These promises echo for You

Love In The Flesh

Written by: Z. Shelton


V1: Yahweh, don’t exactly know what I will say

The moment You and I are face-to-face

I’ll look into the eyes of Grace

But I know, the glory all around You isn’t just for show

The spectacular things that I’ve been told

You’re sacrifice so bold


The only explanation is your Love


C: Your Love

Like showers from above

Your Love

Love, Your Love

An Ever-rising Flood

Your Love


V2: Can’t believe,

You sent your Son to walk the earth with human feet

It was the only way You could get to me

Through a convict’s tree

Behind the stone,

A heart started beating that was three days cold

Heaven’s plan completed

Now He’s on a throne, death has been defeated and it’s all because of love



B: Heaven’s greatest Gift was given down

More than just a man, He was Love in the Flesh

Heaven’s greatest Gift was given down

More than just a man, more than just a man He was Love




It’s your love


Author Of My Life

Written by: Z. Shelton


V1: There is a God who holds the mountains in his hands

There is a Lord who knows my name

There is an Author who’s written me into his plan

He is the One who I call “King”


V2: There is a rock I will stand on through my life

There is a song my lips know well

There is a joy that is swelling up inside

There is a story I must tell


C: You’re moving in, You’re moving in

I know, oh

That You’re coming back again, coming back again

I know, oh

It don’t matter what hell brings

When called upon I’ll stand and sing

Of the one who paid for my eternity

And the Author of my life


V3: There was a sin and it caused a great divide

There was a Son who climbed a hill

There was a cross that He carried, it was mine

There was a debt that was fulfilled




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You’re the author of my life

You’re the author of my life


Fire By Night